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Oct 11


  1. I desperately wanted this to be wrong.
  2. It’s not great for a product when “It really doesn’t suck” is the best defense you can make. Somewhat ironically, here’s a former-Amazon-turned-Googler who thinks Amazon’s done at least one thing much better than el Goog.
  3. Does this mean Ezra Klein and I are getting married on the same day? Hey, also, if you didn’t know why posting has been sparse lately: I’m getting married.
Oct 11

Conditional logic.

Thanks to Slate’s piece on the ifttt web app (it stands for “if this, then that”), I am in life-hack nerd heaven. It lets you string all kinds of conditional commands together from a whole host of services: Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Gmail, GCal, Instagram, Instapaper, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube, and a whole lot more1. Even better, people have set up a lot of the most common tasks, such as:

There are a lot of others, including the absurdly specific “Have ifttt call you and read a specific user’s tweets aloud,” but I tried for something more useful, creating a taped-together Instapaper “read later” replacement for Android. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start!

Anyway, the app is highly-recommended for nerds, although most people will have next to no use for it.

  1. Yeah, that’s a partial list.
Sep 11


  1. An excellent post on how superheroes and villains come to their wealth and power.
  2. Harvesting hydrogen from wastewater.
  3. Neutrinos go faster than the speed of light, possibly, shattering pretty much everything we thought we knew about anything, maybe.
  4. I imagine “the sudden death of a guinea pig, shocking enough in itself, can also place the hapless owners outside the law” is the most unlikely phrase you’ll read today. Things like this and Sweden’s “heavy metal disability” go way past “nanny state”–maybe “diaper state” would be more appropriate. Also, click through for a thoroughly adorable photo and caption. Via Yglesias.
  5. Bonus: hello, Quipu!
Sep 11


  1. An interesting multipart Slate discussion of transhumanism.
  2. I sort of thought Bones made up this job.
  3. Brad Plumer on Solyndra and the state of solar power.
  4. Netflix: crazy like a fox?
  5. If this volcano blows, the 2012er morons will be even more insufferable.
  6. G+ lives again.
  7. Behind the scenes of Louie with Louis CK.

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