Oct 11


The Breaking Bad finale afterglow edition:

Sep 11


  1. An interesting multipart Slate discussion of transhumanism.
  2. I sort of thought Bones made up this job.
  3. Brad Plumer on Solyndra and the state of solar power.
  4. Netflix: crazy like a fox?
  5. If this volcano blows, the 2012er morons will be even more insufferable.
  6. G+ lives again.
  7. Behind the scenes of Louie with Louis CK.
Aug 11

Just a humble motherfucker…

…With the best motivational posters ever (update: maybe NSFW, so after the jump):


Aug 11


  1. I missed the news the first time around, but Breaking Bad got picked up for a final season. So we have at least a year before the inevitable Scarface/Soprano ending.
  2. Best of the Jay-Z and Outkast discographies, in tournament form.
  3. The best hip-hop-related drink ads. Stuff like this is more compelling than anything Grantland’s headlining writers have come up with (see also: Katie Baker, who earned huge points with me for coining the phrase “asymptotes of insanity“). Bonus: have you seen the best thing on the Internet yet?
  4. Also, thanks to Scott, I have been enjoying the adultolescent train wreck that is Thought Catalog. I suggest you do the same.
Aug 11


  1. Remind people that you’re human, and they’ll probably like you.
  2. Obama’s stealth green accomplishents.
  3. Forbes’ social media integration looks really good.
  4. Why it’s not as simple as just avoiding social media.

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